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It's the knowledge of one's surroundings. We are beings who should be in sync with everything else. However it is pretty clear we are not. We need change.

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It shouldn't be a battle.

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Created to be deposited

Without these quota, there would be little profit in sparing the environment, simply because losing raw materials, is not as costly as the actions to prevent losing them in the first place.

Waste gets deposited in landfill, burned or dumped in illegal sites. Some parts get recycled, but it wasn't produced to be recycled in the first place, thus it's inefficient.

Technology saves?

With an always increasing technological baggage, and an ever decreasing link with nature, can we save our planet using technology?

Improved technology also means higher energy consumption, more people involved, and less control about who gets what and who does what. It won't be a simple solution, because as of now, we have a 1,5 earths ecological footprint [1].

Is there a problem?

That is a good question, we know that if we keep going like this, we may end up badly. But we know it won't continue like this. Mentality is already changing into something more sustainable [2].

About 40 years ago, people didn't care about waste, safety or energy consumption. Scarcity of raw materials is, apart from mining and drilling, good for the environment [3].

Please be careful to our cradle.

Many minor changes have led to a revolution of methods, like energy friendly, avoiding fossil fuel or better use of the raw materials we are already using.

However, much has been done because of goverment restrictions on carbondioxide emissions or energy production quota. (certain percentage should be from renewable sources)

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