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It's the knowledge of one's surroundings. We are beings who should be in sync with everything else. However it is pretty clear we are not. We need change.

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Question 1

Name: 1

What is technological breakthrough that has helped nature most?

All discoveries made, will have an ecological footprint. Even if your breakthrough is cleaning up the ocean. This will just make others care less about polluting the ocean. So i would say the television, seeing is believing.

Question 2

Name: 2

What does it mean to be an ecologist?

It means that you are aware of what effect certain actions have on the environment, both on the short term, and on the long term. These actions could be flora and fauna, but also industrial.

Question 3

Name: 3

What can we do ourselves to help the environment?

Have none or a few children only, and discredit having children to your immediate surrounding area. Eat little meat. Don't travel, and work where you live. As you see, barely anyone qualifies for this.

Question 4

Name: 4

Why do we have to take care of nature?

We don't have to do this. But to keep it liveable for us, and future generations, it is of paramount importance that we don't irreversably destroy our ecosystem.

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